Wednesday, May 15, 2013

must have: classic loafers

bus adventures.


I have been obsessed with these loafers lately.  They are my new favorite shoes!  They're actually comfort shoes, or well, I think they are ... so I think they're intended for an older person, but it really doesn't matter to me.

These loafers, by SAS shoes combine function with style.  Being the height that I am, I am quite fond of wearing heels.  I have a couple pairs of flats, but they're not my go-to shoe, they're more for when I need to be practical (though my flat boots are an exception).  I have also found that (ballet) flats can tend to be quite uncomfortable if worn for long amounts of time, and of course ... I gotta take it there, but if you don't wear socks or liners?!?  Well, you know what I mean!  Or am I alone on that one?  I feel my foot tends to sweat and it creates an odor.  Yuck!  These loafers provide me with lots of comfort and support with all that padding, but also give me a nice polished look with a flair of style.  To the up the comfort note: I have even sprinted towards a bus in these and my feet didn't feel any pain or strain at all.  It may be a stretch, but I think they're even more comfortable than a pair of tennis or sport shoes.

These shoes are a variation of the classic penny loafer and have a structured look to them.  I find them to pair quite nicely with dresses and skirts.  As for pants, I like them best with a crop or ankle length style pant.

photo details:
First photo was taken en route to Amoeba Music in Hollywood.  I believe I used the low-sharpening function on my camera, with the natural sun light, I like the way it turned out.  Second photo is at my aparment, the carpet adds some texture and plays nicely with the pattern on the dress.
loafers -- SAS shoes
cropped jeans -- EXPRESS (zelda crop)
tote -- roxy
dress -- vintage

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

song sung BLUE

waiting for the bus.

cute furniture + carpeting!

detail of the "enchanted woods collection"

sepia. tourist photo!

pretty flowers.

I recently visited the Beverly Hills Public Library to check out their newly re-modeled children's library.  I haven't seen the old children's library (though I have seen the temporary one), but this new one was quite nice!  I was most impressed by the carpeting as well as the artwork and design of the "Enchanted Woods" collection.  Aside from the children's library, BHPL is a great library to check out if you are interested in the arts. There are pieces on the walls, and a great arts collection on the upper level that includes sheet music and artists books!

loafers -- SAS shoes
blue & white floral print skirt -- gap kids (1990s)
blue polo -- izod
denim jacket -- american eagle
green beret -- gifted (no label)

Sunday, May 5, 2013


waiting at the expo line.

USC campus for the LA Times Festival of books.


street art. "forgive someone" by morley.

mondrian-like wall.

weekend read.

Decided to check out the LA Times' Festival of Books on 4.20.  I still remember when it was at UCLA, it was a little disorienting at USC, I'm just not used to the campus, though it was quite lovely (I root for the blue & gold though!).  Also checked out Record Store Day, no pictures from that, and no purchases either, the store my friend and I went to was quite nice though.

zig zag dress -- francesca's
denim jacket -- american eagle
geometric necklace -- forever 21
pink clog boots -- gap kids
pink sunnies -- anthropologie