Sunday, August 4, 2013

lonely goatherd.


cake, anyone?

mm ... yami in my tummy!

Hey all -- I had some friends come by the other day and we went on a mini South Bay adventure.  Though I hail from the South Bay (310 what what!), I always have trouble thinking of what to do around here.  Despite my fishing for ideas of what to do in the South Bay, we still managed to have a lovely time -- must have been the good company ;).  Lunch at Carson's Mami King was followed by checking out the quaint shops and market at Alpine Village.  Super-K was next as it was nearly a block away ... followed by Yami Tea House in Lomita.  This was my first time here, I ordered a Strawberry Milky Drink with boba ... it *only* came in 32oz size ... luckily, I was able to finish it -- it was tasty!  Our trip ended with browsing around Daiso.  If you ever find yourself in the South Bay, check out these establishments!  

Since I knew I'd be walking around and bumming around, I decided to keep things casual with my outfit.  More so, decided to stay warm ... sure, it's August, but the weather's been a bit whack!  I wore pants and long sleeves and let's just say, though it wasn't wintertime cold, I still didn't regret it.

o0o!  And another thing, I recently got Instagram and have been quite addicted to it!  I've been having fun snapping photos and swapping out filters -- the photos I used in this post are from my account!

Do you have an Instagram?  Follow me!  User name is gummiebear727 =)

printed sweatshirt -- express
cropped jeans -- express
white tennis shoes -- vans
round sunnies -- urban outfitters
purple crossbody bag -- kipling

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