Wednesday, September 4, 2013

must have: denim jacket

detail: buttons

detail: another button

Today I'm featuring one of my style staples: the denim jacket.  A denim jacket screams classic Americana, and depending on the kind you get (fit, details, wash), you can really change up your look from edgy to preppy to urban to anywhere in between.  Denim jackets are perfect for that in-between summer and fall kinda weather, where it's starting to cool down, but not a full on chill, as well as during the spring time where there may be light breezes.

Denim jackets were pretty stylish for men and women during the early 2000s.  During this time, they were often paired with jean bottoms in the same wash.  I was in junior high at the time and I seriously wanted one!  This trend lasted a few years, and by mid-2000s, I'd say it was fading, though I still wanted one! Recently, the denim jacket has come back, and I couldn't be more happy.  It's paired with a lot more items than just jean bottoms. As jean jackets were popping up in more stores, I was able to snag one from American Eagle, though you could probably find one for cheap at a Goodwill or so, and in that case, get a second! 

Though I've worn my jacket with pant bottoms (and shorts as in the picture), my favorite way to style the denim jacket is over a dress or skirt ensemble. Pairing it over a more delicate and feminine outfit adds a nice touch of edginess to it and really toughens it up, also giving balance to an otherwise cutsey outfit.  The denim jacket will pair nicely with all kinds of lengths and fits ranging from short to long, loose to tight. Adding a denim jacket over a body-con dress or skirt is a great way to turn a night-time outfit into a casual, day-time appropriate outfit.

A denim jacket is also the perfect article of clothing to personalize and really make your own.  I like to add some personality to mine by adding pins.  Other options include studding, distressing, bleaching ... the possibilities are endless!

Which of the following looks are your favorite?  How would you style a denim jacket?  Let me know in the comments below!

**denim jacket -- american eagle**

outfit #1
top -- express
salt 'n pepper shorts -- express

outfit #2
navy dress -- urban outfitters
skinny belt -- from a dress a own ...

outfit #3
purple bodycon dress -- windsor

outfit #4
printed brown dress -- gap (a $4 steal!)
black cuff booties -- steve madden

I scored the "bad news" and "make" buttons at a conference.  The other button shows a picture of book spines.  This was made with a button maker on campus.

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