Wednesday, July 17, 2013

school girl.


happy face!

The District at Tustin.

movie theater.


Today (erm, yesterday ... ? It's past midnight!) my very good friend and I decided to go to good old Orange County.  Our main destination was Irvine, but we made some stops at Santa Ana and Tustin.  Being back in Irvine is always a trip for me, nonetheless, it was a very pleasant day.  We lunched at Cha For Tea -- I rarely ever ate food here (aside from the tasty crispy chicken).  I opted for the orange chicken, and it was quite tasty.  It is not any Panda Express orange chicken, but it was good.  The day ended with Joss Whedon's latest film, Much Ado About Nothing at the Edwards Cinema in Irvine.  I hadn't read this play (!), but I had seen a movie version before.  Still, the story was rather new to me -- I didn't know it would be in Shakespearean language ... luckily, I was still able to follow!

Sadly, in all the events of the day, I got caught up and didn't take a proper picture of my outfit!  The second picture captures a bit of the top, though the necklace pendant dropped -- will have to feature a detail of that later!

brown polo shirt -- ralph lauren
brown plaid jumper with buttons -- speechless (only $5 at a yard sale type thing at school! A size too big, but for that price, I took it! Layering with a shirt helps it fit better)
necklace -- Long Beach arts and craft fair; pendant from vintage pieces

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